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"Zo de Ti Lesly"

 Zo de Ti Lesly

"Tan'n Zo"

We met With Lesly Benoit Jr Whose Music Drove New York Cray in the Eighties. Lesly is now Older Wiser and Ready to take the Compas Scene By storm.... Once Again. Here he is for Your Pleasure.

CC- Please introduce yourself to our fans ? To someone who never heard of you how would you describe yourself and your music ?

Zo. Hi CC, my name is Lesly Benoit Jr, but known on stage as " Zo de Ti-Lesly". I'm actually an entertainer and musician, but more of an entertainer.

CC.- Who is your favorite Compas Artist ?

Zo.I like a lot of groups, but my favorite artist is Sweet Micky.

CC.- What style of music influenced you most ?

Zo.I really was never into compas until I heard of Micky and that's when I wanted to also play music and entertain people.

CC.- Do you have kids ?

Zo.Yes, I have 3 boys.

CC.- Who are the members of your New group ?

Zo.Right now it's Tantan formerly of Lakol and myself. The rest is a surprise.

CC.- What can we expect from you and the group in the near future ?

Zo.We are working on an album for now and are preparing to play live also. It's gonna be a fusion of 2 different styles as you can imagine.

CC.- A message to the children ?

Zo.Follow your dreams and don't ever let anyone discourage you.

CC.- The Internet is now considered the fastest Way to reach a bigger audience , How do you intend to take advantage of this media ? Have you gotten any contract as a result of your Internet presence ?

Zo.well i'm actually very involved in the internet and I have met a lot of international artists thanks to my own website know as Cadence des iles.Com

CC.- Is there anything you would like to say to the public ?

Zo.I'm looking forward and I'm very anxious on getting back on stage since I miss them very much.

CC.- Who do you think is the greatest musician or group of this decade ?

Zo.As far as musicians I will say Ansto Mercier and Robert Martino. As far as group, I will say Sweet Micky and System Band.

CC.- Live CD's are everywhere now. Any opinion on the practice ?

Zo.I think it's a good idea if it's done properly and in good taste. It gives the public a taste of what to expect when they come to a party or bal.

CC.-What do you think is your greatest achievement ?

Zo.Personally it's my family. As far as musically, they have not seen the best of me yet.

CC.- What is Your greatest disappointment ?

Zo.I dont really feel disappointed with my past. I don't have any regrets because I see everything as a learning experience.

CC.- Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

Zo.Enjoying my life with my family.

CC.- If you were President for one day what would you do ?

Zo.Get rid of all the "magouyeurs"... Peace would come after that automatically.

CC.- What is Your Latest release ? how many albums have you released ?

Zo.I am actually working on a new release now. I have not put out my own album yet.

CC.- Sweet Micky,T-Vice, System Band seem to dominate the Compas scene? How do you view them as entertainers ?

Zo.They are all great entertainers and are doing a good job in their own way each one of them.

CC.- How do you describe your relations with other groups ?

Zo.I am a very friendly and easy going guy. I have no problems with anyone out there.

CC.- Do you work with other groups, exchanging ideas and experiences ?

Zo.Yes I do. I'm always giving advice and ideas to people out there.

CC.- what would you associates these names with ?

Zo. a. Cubanno - vocal superstar
b. Wyclef Jean - mega star and producer
c. Nemours Jean Baptiste - the one and only original king of compas
d. Loubert Chancy - great sax player
E. Sweet Micky - Greatest entertainer.
F. Eddy Francois - real DEEP man
G. Guy Durosier - (don't know much about him)
E. Jojo Lorquet - NO COMMENT
F. Robert Martino - Guitar Legend, " pa gin pareil "
H. Ti RoRo - (don't know much about him)
I. Ti Manno - no comparison, # 1 writer and composer to date.
J. Dadou Pasquet - real musician and composer
K. Hermann Nau - great drummer

CC.- Haitian music receives very little international recognition, what
do you think can help bring Compas & Haiti to an international audience?

Zo. #1 we need to stop this fighting with each other and work together.
#2 we have to be able to write in english and use new sounds.

CC.- Zouk is slowly becoming a very popular style, given its roots, why
do you think compas still fails to reach a similar level of popularity?

Zo. Because the sound is more up to date then compas.

Un grand merci a Lesly , pour cette entrevue. nous Souhaitons beaucoup de succes avec son nouveau group Tan'nzo Merci encore...

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Thank you to Zo for Taking the Time to talk to us for you.
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